Sunday, October 01, 2006

Take a Trip

I came across this article "Last of the LaSalettes" while browsing Spirit Daily. I was saddened that their Order has not found new faith or members for awhile in the United States. These Priests and Brothers answered the call to help Reconcile the World for our Heavenly Mother.

What this article speaks about a Shrine that is located in Enfield, New Hampshire which is not far from White River Junction, Vermont, I remember the times we would go on pilgrimage. How it was always busy with people visiting from all over. I also remember there used to be a Seminary across the street and also a campground. Which both are gone now. They are across from a lake with a beautiful vista of the surrounding mountains. This is one place I have always loved to go to. In the fall it is beautiful beyond belief and well worth the ride when out for leaf viewing in the fall foliage.

It is a hope that life will be renewed at the Shrine of Our Lady of LaSalette, where a visit to Holy ground is truly a treasure.

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