Monday, January 29, 2007


Legion was their name, and they were many. Jesus in his love and goodness removed them from a man who was suffering from too many evil spirits. He sent them into a herd of pigs and from there they drove themselves over a cliff.

That's quite a bit for one person to have isn't it? And to think we sometimes encounter people with a bad spirit as mild. But what about this person who had to be chained up because of not one but many. It's hard to envision.

But we can envision it, because we have the technology today to create such a scene. We have the television and all those movies that portray so much. It's not hard for us to imagine after then. Considering what is made for our viewing pleasure.

Just watching this stuff doesn't it give a person the heebeejeebee's? Do we question ourselves then would it be possible to be infiltrated with evil spirits too by watching so much that pushes bad rather than good.

How can we as people who are baptized children of God bring more goodness to the afflicted. What do we need to change to reverse the affects of evil in our time. God gives us a clue, love our neighbor. Love God first in your life. Love is the key to reversing evil in our day.

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