Friday, March 21, 2008

Jesus Is Condemned to Death

The First Station of the Cross

Reflection: Jesus is condemned to death. As Jesus stands there waiting for the verdict of his life. He is a model of patience in a moment of trial. One can only imagine how he endured it with such dignity amid the cruelty of those present. Not of resignation, but knowing this is what he is called to do. He stands there listening to those around him, but his thoughts are focused on his Father. His constant prayer and continuous conversation with God is what gives him the strength to endure this moment of betrayal. He's not thinking, where are my disciples, where are the people I cured, why aren't they standing up for me and witnessing what I have done for them. No, he is giving God glory and praise instead. Because he knows his Father and his love for him is great. How well do we fare when we encounter our trials and how well do we pray and surrender them to God as Jesus did in his moment of complete abandonment of others.

Prayer: Our Father and Glory Be

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