Friday, March 21, 2008

Jesus Takes Up His Cross

The Second Station of the Cross

Reflection: Jesus takes up his Cross. Jesus is now put to labor, that of taking up his cross and carrying it to where he will find death. All that he has done to free those around him has gained him a heavy burden to carry. Not us, we don't take our crosses as easily, sometimes we shift that cross to others. Jesus on the other hand out of love for us takes it and carries it the distance. He is humble and teaches us to learn to take up our crosses with as much grace and humility as he did. He doesn't shift the burden to God but places it at his feet in humble supplication to help him carry the burden. How often have we done this as we are handed our own crosses, firstly accepting it with grace and then asking God to help us carry it as well. Don't be afraid to take up our crosses as well, because Jesus did it and he will do it again with us, for he knows more than anything how it feels to be given one.

Prayer: Our Father and Glory Be

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