Thursday, January 05, 2006

Come, Follow Me

What we are witnessing in the Gospels is Jesus' ministry. We are reading about those who answered his call to "Come, Follow Me." Through the years since Jesus began his mission of salvation, many have heard his call to come and follow. What a joy it is to know of his Call, and to respond with a resounding Yes. In todays reading Jesus was also letting us know that he knows us, he knows our hearts, our minds. What a revelation to know that he sees and knows the deepest part of us. That nothing escapes him, no matter how hard we try to bury our sins from his view, he calls us on them. To gently remind us to cleanse our hearts for his sake as well as for our own. We are unfortunately creatures of bad habits, where we allow much darkness in our lives without realizing it. All too often when we are reminded of our sinful ways we turn our backs on the knowledge given to us to change. He asks of us what do we want from this life? Do we want to follow him or do we want to live it up without thought to him. Sometimes when I write about many things it is by God's guidance and also by observations. And some by my own folly, because no matter how strong my faith is I err also. I can say with absolute certainty that God's love and forgiveness is great. I remember as a kid sometimes when my parents would give advice, I didn't always heed it. So when we read about something that is meant to help us, it is often rejected because it jabs at our conscience. When I read stuff that sparks that part in me then I know there is more learning for me, more changes to perfect my life into a more united love with God. One thing I have learned is that through others we see God and how he works through them to bring us closer to him. I am constantly grateful for the many people who write insightful words of faith, in order to build a stronger love and growth of faith in my life. In many ways this is how God calls us to "Come Follow Him."

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