Friday, January 06, 2006

Life as Usual

It is just about the time to dismantle all the lights and fixings that conributed to the Christmas season. After having all these things glitter and glow, life will look kind of plain around the house. If there is one thing that the Christmas season should do for us, it is to spark the light within us, so we will glow always for the Lord, not just during this particular time of year. Unfortunately it becomes life as usual. One of the lessons about Christ's Birth and the big part of celebrating his birth is the Joy in giving Love to others. It is in this time of year that bad feelings give way to love. But once the present giving is over with, and all the trimmings taken down, we go back to our old selves. The Spirit of God's Love and Truth should remain with us if we live honest lives lived in the Spirit of God. But all too often God end's up on the back burner once again. So when the Three Wise Men came to see Our Lord after his Birth, they came to reveal the Savior to the world. They kept him in their hearts, and honored him. Are we revealing Jesus to the world as our epiphany? Or are we putting him on hold once again.

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