Saturday, January 07, 2006

More Than a Miracle

Today's Gospel reflects on the wedding at Cana, where the first miracle was performed. Where a simple statement from Mary about there being no more wine for the guest's brought Jesus to reveal it was not his time yet. But Mary said to the servant's to do what he wants. Mary knew since the day of the Angel Gabriel's announcement, that her son had things to do, hence her comment do as he asks. Even though it was not his time yet, Mary knew it was his beginning. It was his time to reveal his growing purpose to do his Father's Heavenly Will.

Imagine being there at the wedding and being served inferior wine after being served the best. As if our taste buds, after imbibing the best, could not tell the difference. Jesus knew better because in his Kingdom only the best is given no matter to whom it is given. Jesus has no classification of who deserves the best or not. He gives the best to all, he does not offer inferior goods after giving us the best. In this Gospel of John's he just showed us that a simple request was answered, and the best answer was given in return. How Mary's Trust in the capabilities of her Son are shown to us.


Anonymous said...
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Moneybags said...

Marie Cecile:

Thank you for asking for a special patron saint for 2006! You were chosen by St. Anthony Claret!

Please just visit my blog and leave a comment so that I know you receive this message. Also, please let me know of any connections between your saint and you.

God Bless

Paul Anthony Melanson said...

Thank you for your kind words at my Blog Marie Cecile. I checked your profile, noticed you had your own blog, and decided to check it out.

Having read a few of your posts, I must say I am very pleased. Our words indicate much about us (Mt. 12:34). Clearly, you are a beautiful person.

Everytime I come across a faith-filled woman like yourself, I gain a deeper appreciation for what Pope John Paul II meant when he spoke of the genius of women. Not that I have ever doubted this. But there is nothing on this earth more beautiful and edifying than a spirit-filled woman.

Pray for me.

Marie Cecile said...

thank you,
my prayers are with you also.
Marie Cecile