Tuesday, January 03, 2006


There are two things that I need to finish this year, one is school, the other is starting my annulment. When my Journey began I needed to understand the depth of what God is doing in my life. He did quite a bit to awaken the slumber of where my life is headed. I knew God has always been the first in my life. He does things for us that we do not always understand, why we get sick, loose jobs, have more on our plate than we feel we can handle, and so forth. He is with us constantly, even when we don't think he is. His guidance is for us to follow. There is much that teaches us in life, but our true learning is with God's Word. He seeks us out in many, many ways, it's up to us to open our eyes to see how powerful a role he does have in our lives. May God's pure love be for all in this coming year.

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