Monday, November 12, 2007


And he said to his disciples: It is impossible that scandals should not come: but woe to him through whom they come.It were better for him, that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should scandalize one of these little ones. Take heed to yourselves. If thy brother sin against thee, reprove him: and if he do penance, forgive him. And if he sin against thee seven times in a day, and seven times in a day be converted unto thee, saying, I repent; forgive him. And the apostles said to the Lord: Increase our faith. And the Lord said: If you had faith like to a grain of mustard seed, you might say to this mulberry tree, Be thou rooted up, and be thou transplanted into the sea: and it would obey you.
Luke 17:1-6 (Douay-Rheims Bible)


Dear Father thank you for the opportunity to go to a healing service where I sought healing whether it be of mind, body, spirit and soul. It was by your grace that I found sorrow in the depths of my being. When I left I could not shake the many I'm sorry's I was repeating over and over in my heart. Sorry for failing my family, and you. You planted the seed of faith and brought love to my life when I first saw you in the Eucharist. I haven't stopped loving you, but I failed in going out into the world and doing your will. You have shown me little by little and in the vastness of time the growth of the seed you planted. The many fruits that have been produced. What I found was in this reading that I should also have forgiven as well as been sorry, the two go hand in hand. I also found myself focusing on the cross throughout the service as a reminder of why I was there, to do your will. I didn't know there was a purpose in my prayers and my hands opening as I sat and prayed for those who sought your healing grace. May the seed of healing and faith come to those who seek the Lord's love. Amen

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